White Fillings

White Fillings and Its Benefits

A white filling or composite resin filling is a tooth colored mixture of glass and plastic that is being used to restore the teeth with decay or cavities. This is usually preferred by majority of the patients because of its cosmetic appearance, since it blends to the color of the teeth and it helps in creating a natural smile.

Since they are white in color, they’re less visible compared to metal fillings and they can be matched to an individual’s teeth color.  These fillings will bond to your tooth and will support the remaining structure in order to prevent further damage to the tooth that may lead to decay and breakage. White fillings can even decrease tooth sensitivity to cold or hot temperatures and this procedure is usually done in one appointment.

The Procedure

White fillings can be completed in one session with Dr. Krieger. Once the tooth is prepared, Dr. Krieger will then fill cavities with the use of the layers of this composite. Usually, each of the layers is being hardened with special light. Once the fillings are placed,Dr. Krieger will shape the used composite in order to match the bite of the tooth. Finally, the tooth is polished to get the perfect appearance.

Other Benefits:

– Less chance of tooth cracking
– Beautiful in appearance
– Completed in a single visit